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South Africa

Africa is a wondrous continent for the nature photographer.  I spent more than an hour in a jeep parked underneath this young leopard trying to capture his wide-eyed innocence as he watched from above.  I was awed by a herd of 2000 water buffaloes as they drank then passed by.  Days later this herd would successfully rescue one of it's young members being pulled at both ends by a pride of lions and an aggressive crocodile.  Most of my Elephant photos were taken in a span of 5 minutes where I sat waiting at a quiet watering hole.  The herd of thirsty baby and adult Elephants charged out of the jungle and headed straight to the small watering hole.  They completely surrounded the watering hole, drank, splashed each other a bit, reorganized their group and then hurried back to the protection of the jungle.  Timing is everything!



Treed Leopard Wide-Eyed
Treed Leopard Wide-Eyed
Innocence sepia

Water Buffaloes at

Water's Edge

Elephant Family Watering

Elephant Trio

Elephant Baby

Walking to me 

Three young African elephants, two turned to the right with their trunks down, ears flat,  one is kneeling, the third one is turned to the left with ears spread wide.

Image shows a pair of adult spotted cheetahs.  One is reclining looking to the right and the second is seated and looking toward the camera.  The background is green foliage.

Baby elephant has water dripping from its mouth and the trunk is up as it is sheltered under the adult elephant.  The A portion of the front leg,ear and most of the head and trunk are visible on each elephant.

Baby Elephant Trio

Cheetah Pair

Baby Elephant

Elephant and Birds
at Watering Hole 
Warthogs, Elephant & Birds

African Elephants at Watering Hole
Elephant Herd Charging

Giraffe Family
Giraffe & Baby
Crocodile Duo

African Roller
in the Bush
Secretary Bird's

African Sunbird on

Coastal Flower 

South African Penguins

Colorful Capetown
Baby & Mom
Capetown Peninsula
Boys at
African Waterfall




Sunrise at Tarangire
Elephant Pushing Tree
Serengeti Sunset
Giraffes Silhouette

Zebra Line Drinking
Zebra Line Drinking, IR

Zebra Line Drinking, Sepia
Elephant Serengeti Herd

Zebras Five
in Front of Acacia BW
Giraffe Pair
at Serengeti
Zebras Five
in Front of Acacia

in Front of Acacia, IR

Zebras at Baobob

in Front of Acacia

Simba at Serengeti
Rhino at Ngorongoro
Lion Cub Ngorongoro

Simba Serengeti,
with Birds Feeding
Lion Family

Simba Contemplating

Simba Vertical Look

Simba Surveying

Simba Sleepy

Simba Lying Down

Simba Ready

Giraffe Pair
Three Acacias

Masai Going Home

Giraffes Under Trees

Giraffe Trio Feeding
Giraffe Tongue
Five Walking Trees

Baboon Infant
Blue Monkey Look
from Branch
Vervet Monkey
Picking Leaves

Giraffe Line on Horizon

   Where the sun
      don't shine

Blue Monkey
Eating Leave
Hyena with Gazelle
Blue Monkey Look
from Log

Hippo Females
Checking Out Male
Hippo Battle
Arusha Red flower

Hippo Youngster
at Mama's Tail
Hippo Babies Playing
Red Cottonball

Red & Yellow Barbet

Lilac Breasted Roller

Tawny Eagle
in flight Serengeti

Impala Jump
Impala Frontal
Impala Sideview

Flamingos Tanzania

Young Hippo


Wildebeest at Grumeti
Wildebeest at Grumeti,
Wildebeest at
Grumeti River

Zebra Five
Drinking BW
Zebra Nursing
Zebra Trio

Zebra V Formation
Zebra Trio Tarangire
Zebras Reflection

Zebra V Formation,
Mountain Backdrop
Mountain Backdrop, BW

Zebras Running
Zebras Running, BW

Zebra Rush

Other Favorites

Gorilla Holding Stick

Gorilla Contemplation

Gorilla Twig in Mouth

Gorilla Salad

Gorilla Youngster with Dad

Spider Monkey Hug

Gorilla Baby

with Mom Resting

Spider Monkey Love

Spider Monkey on Rock

Spider Monkey

Stretch Sitting

Spider Monkey

Stretch Standing

Gorilla Carrying Baby

Gorilla Carrying Baby Horiz

Gorilla With Baby


Spider Monkey Look

Spider Monkey

Baby Surprise

Spider Monkey Family

Giraffe Bend Over

African Jacana


African Jacana

Weaver Bird

Ankole Bull

Grevy's Zebra

Rhinos Grazing