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There are so many archaeological and biblical sites to see in this wonderful land.  The crossroads of Asia, Europe and Africa - some of man's earliest farming communities and cities called this region home.  At various points over the millennia, the Hittites thrived, Greeks ruled and Romans lived - including in the 2nd largest city of the entire Roman Empire at Ephesus. Istanbul (Constatinople) was once the center of Roman Empire.  Turkey has hosted many prominent figures including St Paul and St. John who criss-crossed the country.  From the 1st century onward - early Christians cut cave churches into Cappadocia's fairy chimneys and hid from invading armies in underground cities - what a beautiful region from which to launch a hot air balloon.  The Ottoman empire ruled from here for centuries and more recently Ataturk united his people, embraced western culture and helped establish a great sense of pride of country that is beamed by its people today and can be seen whether visiting museums, mosques or traditional villages.




Camel & Fairy Chimneys

Camel Roar

Cappadocia Fairy Chimneys

Camel & Fairy Chimneys

Camel Roar

Fairy Chimneys

Balloon Take Off, Square

balloon at dawn

balloon take off vert

Balloon Take Off, Square

Balloon at Dawn

Balloon Take Off,

balloon take off bw

balloon take off vert bw

balloon take off

Balloon Take Off, BW

Balloon Take Off, BW

Balloon Take Off

balloon inside

balloon inside bw

balloon take off vert 3119

Balloon Inside

Balloon Inside, BW

Balloon Take
Off 3119,


cappadocia fairy chimneys

balloon from ground


basilica cistern

Fairy Chimneys, BW

Balloon From Ground

Basilica Cistern

balloons & minaret from goreme

balloons from goreme cave hotel

balloon pair in valley

Balloons & Minaret
from Goreme
Balloons from Goreme
Cave Hotel
Balloon Pair
in Valley

balloon group from above

cappadocia balloon trio

balloon group in canyon

Balloon Group
from Above

Cappadocia Balloon Trio

Balloon Group
in Canyon


blue mosque dome


blue mosque contemplation


blue mosque dome bw

Blue Mosque
Blue Mosque
Blue Mosque
Dome, BW


hagia sofia madonna & child


ephesian tying sandals



hagia sofia lights & ceiling

Hagia Sofia
Madonna & Child
Tying Sandals
Hagia Sofia
Lights & Ceiling




ephesian tying sandals bw


hieropolis bw


Tying Sandals, BW

Hieropolis, BW


sultan palace


syringe cat

pergamum cat

Sultan Palace

Syringe Cat

Pergamum Cat


ataturk museum


turkish traditional dress


turkish cowboy

Ataturk Museum

Traditional Dress

Turkish Cowboy

The people of Indonesia, young and old, loved being photographed.  They felt honored that an American would want to take their picture and beemed with pride, sometimes during, sometimes after their photo was taken. It's a beautiful country of thousands of islands filled with natural beauty and down-to-earth farmers, fisherman and shopkeepers.

Indonesian Boys at

Lake Toba Hut 
Happy Rice Harvesters
of Sumatra 
Rice Harvester
in the Field 

Woman carrying Plow
from Rice Terraces 
Bali worker
at the Rice Terraces
Boat driver waiting
at the surface 

Fishing Offshore
at Sunset 
Green Lizard of Bali

Hanging Out at the
Fruit Stand 
Fruit Stand of Java

Phi Phi Island was devastated by tsunami shortly after we visited.  As I walked alone at a quiet dawn, photographing the boats on the beach, I was surprised to find each one was home to its sleeping owner.  Later we hired a boat with driver for the day to explore remote portions of this beautiful group of small islands.

Dawn Reflection at
Phi Phi Island 
Canoe of Phi Phi Island 
Buoy Line to Boat
at Phi Phi Island 

Dawn Seascape of
Phi Phi Island 




Bird Towers
Shoes at Souq
Souq Archway

Camel Qatar
Camel Qatar Close



Watering the Fields
in China 
Back Alley of Xiamen

Other Favorites

Gibbon & Baby Swinging

Gibbon Baby Nursing

Gibbon Baby Scene

Gibbon Walk with Baby

Tiger Approach


Gibbon Family

Tiger Lick

Snow Leopard Curve

Tiger in Water

Tiger Approach


Tiger on the Prowl

Red Panda Tail

Tree Monitor

Lizard Tail

Red Panda Prowl

Tree Monitor