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These stunning images were captured during our 2007 visit to Antarctica, completing a lifelong seven continent journey.  You will find photographs of ice filled landscapes , adelie penguins , gentoo penguins , king penguinsrockhopper penguins , great wandering albatross , black browed albatross , seals, whales and predator birds .  Antarctica as well as South Georgia and the Falkland Islands were visited during a month-long stay.  Use the navigation menu on the left to browse through additional photos.

Above you see adelie penguins launching themselves seven feet out of the ocean to climb a steeply sloped iceberg.  This image was photographed along the Antarctic Peninsula.  Click to view enlarged image .

The rockhopper penguin portrait shows the wonderful head plumage of this character; his coloration gives him the appearance of yellow eyebrows.  The photograph was taken in the midst of a large penguin colony.  Click to view enlarged image .

An adelie penguin was caught while porpoising in the icy Antarctic waters with the sunlight glistening on her wet body.  The image is filled with rich blue ice that originated from dense glacial icebergs.  Ice that is blue is more dense than white ice for the air has been pressed out of it.  Click to view enlarged image .

The colorful king penguins were photographed during a mating ritual on a hill overlooking the immense colony of 500,000 King Penguins at St. Andrew's Bay, South Georgia Island.  Thousands of their fellow king penguins are seen in the background.  Click to view enlarged image .

The panoramic landscape was taken of a gentoo penguin colony at 6 o'clock in the morning at Booth Island along the Antarctic Peninsula.  The sun had already been up for several hours but was peeking over the peninsula mountain range while a flock of sheathbills was flying overhead.  Click to view enlarged image .

Shape, texture and color are rarely seen working together as well as when the elements of blue turquoise ice (portions like glass), pristine water, a backdrop of a fog bank, all under clear blue skies come together to form the dramatic blue icescape seen above.  Click to view enlarged image .