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South America

Galapagos & Ecuador       Brazil       Venezuela


The native people, ancient Inca sites and endemic wildlife are all incredible.  Living at approximately 13,000 feet elevation amongst the warm friendly genuine natives is an experience that will not be forgotten.  The Llamas and Alpacas with no fear of people are a real treat.


Machu Picchu Llama-out

Machu Picchu Llama
Mom & Baby vert

Machu Picchu Llama Baby

Machu Picchu Pano

Boy with Llamas

Peru Grandma & Child
with Llamas
Potato Picker

Caretaker's Hut

Machu Picchu Llama-in

Machu Picchu 2 Llamas


Peru Native
Llama & Goat
Peru Native
in Andes

Peru Drummer

Peru Natives
at Cusco

Peru Native at Cathedral

Peru Native
Pretty Dress

Machu Picchu Pano BW

Machu Picchu Pano Sepia

Galapagos & Ecuador

The land that inspired Charles Darwin continues to inspire today's nature loving adventurers both on land and under the sea.  Every day for 2 weeks we traveled by small powered sailing vessel and were witness to amazing courting dances and daily routines as we hiked 14 dramatically different islands and snorkeled nearby seascapes.  We felt honored to be able to photograph so many lifeforms found nowhere else in the world.


Boobies Courting Bow

Giant Tortoise
on the Move
Blue Footed Boobies
Courting Dance

Waved Albatross
Waved Albatross
Waved Albatross
at Big Surf

Blue Footed Boobie
with Egg

Flamingo and Log

Blue Footed Boobie
2 Day Chick Vert

Flamingos In-flight

Flamingo Group Reflection

Flamingo Reflection

Flamingo Stretch

Straight Leg

Flamingo Line-up

Flamingo Close
with Foot

Flamingo Droplets

Galapagos Hawk Territory

Pelicans Sunset Flight

Galapagos Hawk
Galapagos Hawk
Galapagos Hawk

Stilt Pair
Galapagos Hawk

Black-Necked Stilt

Land Iguana
Eating Cactus

Land Iguana

Land Iguana

Tropic Bird In-flight

Dancing Petrel

Dancing Petrels

Magnificient Frigatebird
Magnificient Frigate
Magnificient Frigatebird
Aerial 2

Galapagos Dove

Over the Cacti

Crab Voyeur

Penguins at Sunset

Sea Lion Kiss

Sea Lion Hangout

Penguin Sunset

Flamingo Debate

Seal at Sunset

on Red Leaf
on Red Leaf 2

Night Heron
Fish Catch 1
Night Heron
Fish Catch 2
Night Heron
Fish Catch 3

Night Heron
Fish Catch 4
Night Heron
Fish Catch 5


Brasil (Portuguese spelling) is a wondrous country filled with almost as many warm-hearted diverse people as it is various species of birds and animals.  During 10 trips and thousands of rental car miles I captured wonderful moments with young people throughout the land as well as birds and monkeys in the midst of the Amazon jungle.  During an early morning low tide walk at Buzius, 3 young boys were amazed that an American would want to take so many photos of them and asked without speaking a word that I take a starfish as a souvenir of this visit - and would accept nothing in return.  Abracos.

Indian Girl's Dirty Work
Amazon Manioc root 
Three Boys at Low Tide
Low Tide Adventures

Camouflaged Fisherman
View from Ipanema Beach
Girls at Ocean's Edge

At the Fountain
Monkey Hanging out on a Limb
Tiradentes Street

Monkey's Resting Place



The "Lost World" land of Jules Verne includes Angel Falls, the highest waterfall (3212 ft) in the world.   To get to this region of  many tepui (elevated plateau) we traveled via Piper Cub, slept in outdoor hammocks, traveled 5 hours by dugout canoe and then hiked to the foot of this breath-taking falls.  The solitude in this entire region is awe-inspiring.

Angel Falls at Dawn
Canaima Falls in front of
Tepuis country 
Calling to the Spirit
of the Falls 

Angel Falls Portage Point
Rainbow Under the Wing