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Down Under

New Zealand      Australia


New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful small country - gloriously uncrowded - with an overall population of 4 million people (1 million on South Island).  It has a variety of awesome landscapes very accessible and all within easy reach of each other.  Since New Zealand has drifted to an isolated area of the globe, the flora and fauna in the country have evolved to offer the adventurer a land full of incredibly unique plants and birdlife.  As a friendly local put it to me "we have a lot more use for cameras than people in most parts of the world".

Otago Tree Birds

Otago Tree Reflection

Otago Tree Night

Otago Tree Vertical

Moeraki Boulders

Fiord Waterfall


Lake Mapourika
Milford Sound

Yellow Eye Penguin
Yellow Eye Penguin
Yellow Eye Penguin

Otago Tree Night BW

Otago Tree Night Sepia

Otago Tree Birds BW

Milford Sound Visitor

Monkey Creek & Mountains

Wanaka Vineyards

Otago Tree Reflection


Otago Tree Reflection BW

Otago Tree Sunrise

Fiord Waterfall BW

Fiord Waterfall

Fiord Waterfall BW2

Fiord Waterfall
Phenomenon Sepia

Fog Lake Mapourika

Fiord Waterfall Sepia

Gannet Face Pair

Blue Duck

Gannet Heads

Glenorchy Pano

Milford Sound Pano

Penguin Returning 
 from the Sea

Gannets Chin-Up

Pied Shag Foggy Flight

Pukeko Claw

Tui Tongue


Gannet Classic

Gannet Checking Egg

Gannet Flap Down

Gannet & Colony

Gannet Arriving

Gannet Landing

Gannet Surveying

Gannet Tail Down  
Feet Tucked

Gannet Soaring

New Zealand Scaup

Paradise Shelduck

Variable Oystercatcher

Poppies in the Sky

Gannet Colony

Gannet Overhead

Gannet Over Surf

White Faced Terns

Way to Rob Roy Glacier

Road up the Remarkables

Early Morning Fiord

Black Swans Hawke's Bay

Silvereye on

Red Hot Poker

Kereru Eating Berries

Godwit Lineup

Yellow Crowned Parrot
Holding Leaf

Makarora Ranch

Thunder Creek Falls

Pancake Rocks

Mt Aspiring Ranch

Mt Tongariro

Marlborough Vineyard

Brown Teal Family

Cows at Lake Matheson

Cows at Mount Aspiring

NZ Deer Alert

Sheep at Creek

Sheep at Mount Aspiring


Pine Cone



It helps to appreciate the grand scale of Australia by treasuring each and every lifeform found there one at a time... such a unique diversity of life. The warmth of the people and laid-back attitude add to the fascination and make it a joyful place to travel.

Baby Koala Feeling Safe
Koala Sleeping
Sydney Steps & Sails

Australian Coastal Cliffs
Sydney Opera House
Kangaroos squaring off 
for a Boxing Match 

Lorikeets Feeding
Plover Pair

Peacock Feathers
Peacock Close-up
Peacock walking
out of the Bush

Ornithoptera euphorion
(Cairns Birdwing)
Doleschallia bisaltide
Ornithoptera euphorion
(Cairns Birdwing) backlit

Edge of the Storm
Great Ocean Road
Mountain Overlook

Little Penguins at
Melbourne Beach 
Joey in a Pouch
Koala hanging on

Clouds Rolling
in Sydney Street
Ted at
Mountain Overlook 
Crab's Artwork