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Scuba Diving is an activity that my family started in 2000 and we thoroughly enjoy.  Of course I never go without my camera in an effort to capture the fabulous artistry of living organisms, the wondrous behaviors of the marine life and the exquisite colors of the undersea world.  We have gone day and night diving in the Carribean as well as off the coast of Java and Bali and South Africa.  Snorkeling photography can sometimes be as productive as scuba diving photography.  Below are a few examples ranging from depths near 100 feet to sealife seen snorkeling at shallow depths or at the surface.



Penguin Underwater

Spotted Eagle Rays

Dolphins Jumping Close

Sea Stars & Angelfish

White-tipped Shark

Golden Rays

Sea Turtle Viewing

Sea Lion Bubbles

Sea Turtle & Algae

Dolphins Jumping

Coral Reef School

Half-Beak School

Hawaii and Caribbean


Turnstones on Turtles

Anemone & Blenny

Christmas Tree Worm

Coney Sea Bass

Hawaiian Green Turtle
Close at Boulders
Hawaiian Green
Turtle Couple
Hawaiian Green
Turtle Couple Horiz.

Sea Turtle Swims
at Boulders
Turtle Back
Hawaiian Green
Turtle Face

Hawaiian Green
to Me

Turtles on Beach
Sea Lion and Diver

Hawaiian Green Turtle
Close at Boulders, Sepia
Hawaiian Green
Turtle Couple, Sepia
Hawaiian Green
Turtle Face, Sepia

Christmas Tree Worms,
Christmas Tree Worms

Coral Polyps Open

Cleaner Shrimp in Sponge


Burr Fish Smile

Blue Eyed Puffer

Colorful Crab

Colorful Fish
in Front of Coral

Crab on Coral

File Fish

Grouper Sponge Hideout

Orange Eyed Puffer

Puffer at Rest

Puffer Full Body

Puffer Swimming


Sea Spider
in Barrel Sponge


Starfish on Coral

Feather Dusters

Brain Coral

Brain Coral BW

Coral Polyps Open Close

Coral Polyps Open
Close Sepia

Coral Polyps Open Color

Young Turtle
at Surface
Sea Turtle &
French Angelfish

Chomping on Sponge

Amy at Sea Turtle

Octopus actively eating
during night dive 
Amy & Shark Surprise!
Trumpet Fish &
Tube Coral Bonaire 

Spotted Eel
at Macabuca

Sponge Back-lit
& Spiny Brittle Star


Splendid Cozumel Toadfish
Fireworm & Orange Cup
Coral Bonaire 
Green Moray Eel & Angelfish

Octopus Freedom

Dolphin Underwater


Gator Trio

False Whale (dolphin family)

Manatee Trio Resting

Hawksbill Flippers Up

Dolphin Exhale at Surface

Beluga Whales A

Orange Cup Coral
During Night Dive

Dolphin Leap

Rough Head Blennys
in Coral

Other Favorites

Dolphins Play

Upside Down

Sea Turtle Ballet

Dolphins Swim at Me