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USA Wildlife

     Puffins    Yellowstone National Park      Carolinas    Birds

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Four Puffins in a row

Puffin Walking
with Herring
Puffin with Herring
in Flight

Puffin Mouth Open

Puffin Couple Look of Love

Puffin Head Side View

Puffin Walking Vertical

Puffin Pair Heads Tilted

Puffin Standing

Puffin Trio

Puffin with Herring

Puffin Head Vertical

Puffin Landing

Puffins and Razorbill on Ridge

Puffin Surfing

Puffin swimming

Puffin swimming pano

Yellowsone National Park


Buffalo in Woods
Lone Elk at Creek
Canyon Overlook





Tree Climbing Fox
Walking on Limb
Tree Climbing Foxes
Face to Face
Tree Climbing Foxes
Mouth Open

Red Fox on Ground

Fox Squirrel Seated

Fox Squirrel Walking

White Squirrel

White Squirrel Eating

White Squirrel Hands

Eagle Pair

Pipevine Swallowtail

Lamb & Mom

Black Crowned
Night Heron Reflection

Cattle Egret Catching Frog

Cattle Egret Frog Catch

Duck Family

Peacock Turnaround

Wood Duck Couple

White Peacock
White Peacock Display

Peacock on Fence

River Otter Couple

River Otter Couple


Great Blue Heron in Flight
Roseate Spoonbill in Flight Close-up

Great Egret Couple
Nest Building
Great Egret Family
and Eggs in Nest
Great Egret in Flight
at Venice Rookery

Great Egret Extreme
Green Close-up
Great Blue Heron Nest
Building on Top
Great Egret Hunting
at Roots


Pileated Woodpecker


Pileated Woodpecker

Red Bellied Woodpecker

Black Crowned Night
Heron in Flight
Black Crowned Night
Heron Wings Down
Night Heron Nest
Building Flight Pano

Snowy Egret Curiosity
Snowy Egret
Backlit in Rain
Snowy Egret
Mirror Reflection

Flamingo Lines

Brown Pelican standing

Flamingo Feathers

Snowy Plover Leaps

Snowy Preening Close-up

Great Blue Heron & Gator

Ibis Formation

Cattle Egret on Branch

Great Blue Heron Couple

Egrets in Nest want Fed

Red Shouldered Hawk

h 3

Red Shouldered Hawk

v 1

Red Shouldered Hawk

h 4

Red Shouldered Hawk

v 3

Red Shouldered Hawk

h 1

Red Shouldered Hawk

v 4

Red Shouldered Hawk

h 2

Red Shouldered Hawk

v 2

Painted Bunting

Spearfishing Anhinga

Roseate Spoonbills

Bald Eagle Call

Egret Foursome at Nest

Egret Trio Trying to Feed

Egret Chick Circle

Anhinga Preen

Painted Bunting

in Palm


Preening Wing

Great Egret Baby


Great Egret Family

Beak to Beak

Great Egret Stare

Tricolor Foot Up

Tricolor Hairdo

Tricolor Heron Pose

Anhinga Preen Finish

Tricolor Calling

Anhinga Perch

Great Blue Heron
Sky Calling

Red & Green Macaw Face

Great Blue Heron
Grabbing Fish

Great Blue Heron
with Fish
Great Blue Heron
with Fish 2
Great Blue Heron
Swallowing Fish

Purple Gallinule

Pied Billed Grebe

TriColor in Flight

Limpkin Couple

Great Blue Herons
Reworking Nest
Mottled Duck Couple
with Reflection

Yellow Crowned
Night Heron
Roseate Spoonbill
Image Trio
Tricolor Heron
Ding Darling

Great Blue Heron Family

Great Blue Heron

Feeding Time

Great Blue Heron

Feeding Time

Osprey Overhead
with Catch

Osprey Feeding

Ospreys Nestbuilding
& with Fish

Ospreys Nestbuilding
& with Fish 2
Ospreys Nestbuilding
& with Fish 3
Ospreys Nestbuilding
& with Fish 4

Osprey Bringing Home
Catch 2 Captiva
Osprey Departing with
Catch Captiva
Osprey with Catch
Captiva vertical

Royal Tern Flock

on the Beach

Royal Tern Big Mouth

Royal Tern Family

Barred Owl Crayfish Catch

Barred Owl Hunting

Green Heron in the Bush

Swamp Reflection

Red Shouldered Hawk

Tricolor Heron
Stalking Swamp's Edge

White Phase Breeding
Redish Egret
Tricolor Heron
Rotating 4 Eggs

Wood Duck

Ibis Stalking

Green Heron Crab & Fish

Wood Duck Reflection

Green Heron Close-up

Little Blue Heron
on Swamp Stump

Merganser Couple

Snowy on Gator

Green Heron Extended

Cormorants Talk
at Sunset

Pelican in Flight

Laughing Gull Breeding Couple
Tongue Showing
Oystercatcher Couple
Tongue Showing

Shore Birds Reflection Ding Darling
Moorhen Swimming

Tricolor Heron
Snowy Egret
Red-bellied Woodpecker
in Home Ding Darling


Sulfur-Crested Cockatoo

Sandwich Tern Couple

Duck's Mirror Reflection
Eagle Close-up
Snowy Ibus

Gulls against Sky

Least Tern with Fish

Blue & Yellow Macaw

Seagull Big Mouth
Duck Family

Venice Migration