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Adelie Penguins

The Adelie is one of two penguin species that prefers a year-round icy habitat.  These images of Adelie penguins were photographed at several locations along the Antarctic Peninsula.  We often found them launching themselves 7 feet out of the sea onto the steep incline of sometimes artistically-shaped icebergs.  After a climb and a short rest they would gather in a group near  the ice's edge, persuade a leader to be the first to make the plunge, then the entire group would rush into the sea to reduce their chances of becoming a meal for a leopard seal ambush.  Their circle-of-life includes porpoising great distances and catching as much krill as they can while diving to great depths at sea.


Aggressive Adelie in

Front of Blue Ice 

Adelies Launching
with Water Column 
Adelies Porpoising in
Front of Blue Bergs

Circle of Life 
Adelies Line-up
for Dive
Adelie Penguin
Rainbow Sky
and Icicles

Spiral Iceberg Duo
Three Adelies
Spiral Iceberg Scene

Adelies on
Spaceship Berg
Adelie Hikers
on Blue Ice
Adelie Group
Atop Berg

Icebergs & Painted Sky
with Adelie
Adelie Diving Along
Blue Ice
Adelie Eating Ice

Paulet Island Environs
Antarctic Sound
Blue Berg Island with
Two Porpoising Adelies

Adelie Penguin
on Spiral Berg
Adelie Porpoising in
front of Ice Arrow
Adelies Diving Low

Paulet Island Diver
Leopard Seal & Adelie
Shingle Cove
Solitary Penguin
on Sculpted Berg

Paulet Smiley Berg
with Adelie
Adelie and
Two  Hungry Chicks
Adelie Walking
on Lichen

Hi-Dive Adelies
Hi-Dive Adelies
Pre-Splash 2
Adelie Trio

Adelies Walking at
Shingle Cove
Hi-Dive Adelies
Adelie on Grooved Berg

Adelies Line-up
Adelie at
Blue Cave 
Adelies Poised and
Diving Low 2

Adelies Poised
and Diving Low
Adelies over Berg
Adelie Head Close-up