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Antarctic Albatross and Other Birds

Black Browed Albatross


      This Black Browed Albatross Colony was found on Steeple Jason Island in the Falkland Islands.  We were overcome with emotion as we viewed the grandeur of this rare sight ... 200,000 Albatross in such a beautiful location ... not at all frightened by human observers and photographers. 


Black Browed
Albatross Colony
Albatross Leaning
Over Chick
Albatross and Chick
with Mouth Open

Albatross Heart Shape
Albatross Face Pair

Great Wandering Albatross

      Special Permission allowed us to visit Prion Island to see the Great Wandering Albatross, an endangered species with only a few thousand in the world.  We were awestruck by their rarity, their 12 foot wingspan, and thrilled to witness a mating ritual in which an Albatross pair dances to perfect an individual language that will eventually be unique to that one pair (they bond for life).

Albatross Watching Bird
Landing Mountain Scene 
Albatross Billing
Mountain Scene 
Albatross Sky Calling
Mountain Scene 

Light Mantled Sooty Albatross

      We had to hike up a steep hillside to find this Light Mantled Sooty Albatross because they build their nests on cliffs; they use the air currents coming up the cliffs to help them take off in flight.  This species does not live in a colony setting, we saw very few and each bird had selected remote spaces on a cliff side for building a nest.

Light Mantled
Sooty Albatross 


Blue Eyed Shag

Shag and Chicks
Sea Background 
Shag Preening
Ship bow and
Shags on Berg 


Skua Approaching
Skua and Chick
Skua and Chick 2



Caracara Face Close-up
Caracara on
one leg 
Caracara feet close-up