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Rockhopper Penguins

    These colorful penguins are sometimes called "crested" penguins and are the smallest (~24" tall) of the true divers.  They nest among ledges of rocks and prefer to come ashore amidst rocks and rough seas.  On arrival they scramble from the sea with their red eyes flashing, hopping ahead of incoming waves with both feet together (unique amongst penguins).

Rockhopper with
Lenticular Clouds
Rockhopper Wet Group

Chinstrap Penguins

    The distinctive black line that runs from ear to ear give Chinstraps their common name.  They are very gregarious and inquisitive, are agile climbers, eat mainly krill and are louder than those of the other brush-tailed species.  Their populations are increasing and they have been spotted extending the range of their species a staggering 2000 miles from their breeding site.

Chinstrap Face Close-up
Chinstrap Parent
and Chick 
Chinstraps Walking

Magellanic Penguins

    These penguins prefer the warmer environs of the Falklands and generally dig burrows in which to live.  We were careful not to walk over top of their burrows for fear of collapsing their home.  They are sometimes called the "jackass" penguin due to their distinctive call.

Magellanics on Dune