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Antarctic Trip Panoramic Photos

Capturing these moments in time is akin to finding buried treasure being at the right place at the right time.  Each continues to encourage me to be a romantic travelling throughout the long-planned and yet improbable journeys of my life.

Adelie Penguin Porpoising
in front of Blue Ice
Six o'clock in the Morning
Booth Island Panorama

St. Andrew's Bay Panorama
500,000 King Penguins
Adelies Porpoising in Front of
Low Blue Ice 

Colorful Iceberg & Sky Panorama
Rockhopper Penguins Scrambling Out of Surf

Neko Harbor Penguins

Antarctic Seascapes and Landscapes

This Antarctica trip provided several spiritual experiences during which one seems to feel the pulse of a higher being.  Surrounded by miles of pristine water, wonderously shaped blue ice and sky, and fascinating marine life, one feels the responsibility to see and understand as much as one can and capture these moments in time and share them with others.

Blue Ice and Fog
Ship Thru Blue Berg Hole
Chimney Iceberg and
Humpback Whale Tail 

Blue Ice and Wave
Lenticular Clouds
from Ship 
Arrival Hike
Steeple Jason

Albatross Gliding
at Shingle Cove
Ship in Harbor