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Gentoo Penguins

It's wonderful to watch the behaviors in Gentoo colonies.  When adult Gentoos return from their ocean-feeding-foray for krill, they carry a small pebble as a gift for their mate, and over time gradually build up their stone nest.  The young chicks pick up these pebbles and drop them, simply to copy their parents.  In the "I can fly" series below, the young chick appears to test his wings and then quickly shows signs of tiring out.  The chicks tap the beaks of the adults to let them know they want fed and to start a physical response.  It's amazing to watch the penguins porposing and riding the waves then launching themselves out of the sea and onto rocky cliffs.


Booth Island Gentoos
Building Nest 
Gentoo Penguin Colony 
"I Can Fly"
Gentoo Chick 1 

"I Can Fly"
Gentoo Chick 2 
"I Can Fly"
Gentoo Chick 3 
"I Can Fly"
Gentoo Chick 4 

Couverville Gentoo
Family Overlook
Baby Gentoo Penguin
Stretching to Mom
Gentoo on Booth Island

Gentoo and Two Chicks
Gentoo Feeding
Gentoo and Two Chicks
Tapping Beak 

Gentoo Penguin Walking
Out of Surf 
Gentoo Sky Calling
Krill and Gentoo Tongue

Gentoo Carrying Stone
Gentoo Penguin Launching
Out of Surf 
Gentoo Carrying Stone