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King Penguin Colony

The astonishing King penguin colony of 500,000 at St. Andrew's Bay shows many personalities and characteristics.  The colorful King penguins were curious about us human visitors as we watched individuals in the various stages of their life cycle (mating, egg watching, feeding at sea, chick feeding, fledgling rearing, and molting).  Both their physical and audio communications were a joy to behold. At some point in your life one should make a visit such as this to see what is essential.  What is essential is invisible during one's everyday busy life.  This was an amazing spiritual experience!

Kings Courting
Over Colony of 500,000
Waves of King Penguins
King with Egg on Feet

King Penguins on Eggs

King and Oakum Boy
(yes that's my baby!)
King Heads with
Sky Background 

King Penguins along
Beach Water 
King with Wing
around Chick
St. Andrew's Bay
King Penguin
Colony Upstream 

Three Kings Sleeping
King Creche Pattern
at River Mouth 
King Stretching Neck 

King Penguin's Feet
Back to Back King Heads

 Kings on Bellies

Emperor Penguin
Walking with Two
Chinstrap Friends
Emperor Penguin
Chinstrap Shadows
Emperor Penguin
& Two Chinstraps

Emperor Penguin Skycalling